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On January 30, University Health Network (UHN) will make its myUHN Patient Portal available to all patients of the Toronto-based healthcare and medical organization. UHN has describes the portal as ‘a new digital experience’ which allows patients to check appointments, results, reports, and clinical documentation in real time.

The portal is expected to improve communication and understanding between healthcare providers and their patients, an aim which the medical malpractice lawyers at Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers fully support.

UHN was created by the Government of Ontario in 1999. It includes Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. It is North America’s largest research institute network, and in 2015 was named the top research hospital in Canada by Research Infosource. The myUHN Patient Portal fits firmly within UHN’s mantra as a forward-thinking healthcare provider dedicated to improving patient care.

Though the portal is not yet available to all patients, select physicians and clinics have had access since May 2015. In a recent article published on UHN.ca, Toronto General and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre patient Carrie Orfus Gelkopf discussed her experience as an early adopter.

“It opened up a whole new world for me,” Gelkopf said. “It has empowered me, and by extension my family, to become partners in my care. Having access to my tests and reports has been a useful tool, especially in between clinics in which I am a patient.”

“It has allowed me to see a full picture and plan for my care and advocate on my own behalf,” she added.

Gelkopf gained access to the portal through Dr. Richard Tsang of the Endocrine Clinic at the Princess Margaret. The portal “increased satisfaction for those patients who would like to look up their results and records,” Dr. Tsang said. “It gives them a better sense of participation, and control.”

Proponents of myUHN and similar connected portals, including some medical malpractice lawyers, believe the technology can help patients take ownership of their healthcare choices and encourage more egalitarian relationships between physicians, hospitals and patients.

What features does myUHN offer?

A ‘secure website’ where patients can safely see ‘appointments and results as soon as they are ready’ is myUHN’s centerpiece. The website will allow patients to access personal health records at any time from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

According to UHN’s website, myUHN users will be able to:

  • See their UHN appointments and receive appointment reminders
  • See their UHN lab results dating back to 2008
  • See their UHN reports, such as pathology and imaging reports, and clinic notes dating back to May 1, 2015
  • Find links to educational resources, medical dictionaries, and other helpful websites
  • Share their health information with others.

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