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Whenever you visit a hospital, patients should be able to expect that a medical professional will only go ahead with a surgery or a treatment after you or a loved one has given them permission.

In early April, ex-nurse Joanna Flynn, was charged with criminal negligence causing death and manslaughter after a year-long police investigation into the death of a 39-year-old female patient, where it’s alleged “life support for a patient at the hospital was terminated without authorization,” according to the Midland Police Service’s press release.

The victim’s identity, Deanna Leblanc, was not released by police, but the partner of victim, Michael, confirmed her identity to the press. Deanna was recovering from a minor knee surgery she’d received at the end of February at a Newmarket hospital. All of a sudden, 36 hours later, Deanna woke up panicked at 3 a.m. and told her partner to call emergency responders because she was dying, the husband told the Toronto Star.

Deanna was admitted to Georgian Bay General’s intensive care unit, where she ended up on life support and died later that day, according to CBC News. She left behind two sons and her husband.

The accused is a 50-year-old Wyevale resident, but there is little known about her. She was released on bail with strict conditions and her next court date is set for May 28.

The event has been called unprecedented in Canada and the College of Nurses of Ontario is investigating the matter. The accused was fired soon after the incident and Georgian Bay General Hospital and CEO and President Karen McGrath alerted authorities to the patient’s death, according to CBC News.

Neinstein’s medical malpractice lawyer and head of the Medical Malpractice Group, Duncan Embury, offered legal insight into end of life care and consent with Global News Toronto.

While the case will take time to make its way through the courts, Michael told Global News that he hopes it gets resolved quickly.

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