Hundreds of cancer patients in New Brunswick and Ontario were informed this summer that they may not have received the intended dose of chemotherapy drugs due to delivery system issues. No serious medical injuries have been linked to the event, but the case highlights the potential risks associated with medication errors and the necessity of medication error lawyers.

“As a patient it’s devastating to find out that your chemo drugs were not what they should be,” Canadian Cancer Survivor Network president Jackie Manthorne told the CBC. “And what’s even more devastating about it is that we don’t know what impact that could have on whether the cancer comes back, how long you might remain in remission, whether your cancer will advance or whether some of the people who have died since those chemo drugs were given may have lived longer.”

Two hundred and forty-eight patients of New Brunswick’s Horizon Health network were affected by the error; 120 are now diseased.

Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), a provincial government agency responsible for improving cancer services, initiated its review after being alerted to IV issues by Mississauga Hospital. The review uncovered nearly 1,000 affected patients treated at dozens of hospitals around the province.

“They were concerned that there were patients at the hospital that may have been getting variable amounts of cancer drugs when it was given to them intravenously,” CCO vice-president of clinical programs and quality initiatives Dr. Robin McLeod told the CBC. “The tubing which the drug goes through had been changed and so there was longer IV tubing … They’d also changed their pump and that may have led to it.”

Medication error lawyers practice a form of medical malpractice law that focuses on the harms associated with mistakes related to the distribution of prescription medications. When patients enter a hospital, doctor’s office, or other medical facility in Ontario they are entitled to a standard of care that extends to prescription medications. Patients who receive less or more than the necessary dose of their medications could be at risk of significant injuries.

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