If you or a loved one’s health has been affected by a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, get the expertise of a Toronto medical malpractice lawyer from Neinstein.

Canadians visit the hospital when they are facing serious health condition. Patients place a high degree of trust in healthcare professionals and they expect that hospital employees are doing everything they can to cure our illnesses or prescribe the right medication to assist our condition.

Hospitals are busy healthcare institutions with many healthcare professionals balancing many patients and health issues, but when we visit, we expect doctors to listen to our ailments and diagnose the illness in a timely manner. An early diagnosis for illnesses such as cancer can make a major difference in your treatment options, quality of life and chances of survival. Also, if patients are misdiagnosed, the treatment or medication they’re given could cause irreparable damage to their health.

To properly diagnose a patient, physicians need to consider the history of the patient and run tests to confirm their suspicions. Doctors should keep patients in the loop in regards to any important information and they should be available to answer any questions a patient may have to help them gain a better understanding of the care options available to them. Test results play an important part in determining an illness therefore proper interpretation of test results are crucial. At times healthcare practitioners do not interpret test results correctly which leads to a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. There’s also the possibility that information is lost before the patient is informed of the test’s results.

Filing a medical malpractice claim requires a specialized medical malpractice lawyer since these can be complex cases. It’s best that your claim is handled by someone who has a strong understanding of healthcare standards, along with the legalities surrounding healthcare, to help you determine whether the situation you or a loved one has experienced has a strong foundation for a claim.

Let our medical malpractice lawyers handle bringing your case through the legal system, while you and your family focus on the day-to-day recovery. Our medical malpractice lawyers specialize in this area, but we understand that it’s a tough situation for families to experience. We remain professional in how we handle our clients, but our medical malpractice lawyers realize that always being compassionate with our client’s situation is important to helping them through the process.

One of Neinstein’s medical malpractice lawyers can represent you in your medical malpractice claim if you or someone you care for have been seriously injured.

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