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If you live in Ottawa, Neinsteins’ medical malpractice lawyers can represent you in a medical malpractice claim.

Medical malpractice lawyers play a critical role in ensuring that Canadians receive quality healthcare whenever they visit a hospital or a doctor’s office.

Good healthcare greatly affects a resident’s quality of life since proper diagnosis and treatment of an illness can lead to a complete recovery or few side effects. While a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis of an illness can lead to someone facing health issues for the rest of their lives or even death. Unfortunate mistakes or outright negligence can lead to a patient suffering serious health conditions, such as acquired brain injury, cardiac arrest, hypoxic brain injury and stroke.

Who you are and what you do shouldn’t affect the healthcare you receive and if you think the care provided by a doctor or nurse isn’t up to the proper standard, contact a medical malpractice lawyer.

In one case, a Cameroon diplomat is suing the Ottawa Hospital and four of its doctors after his wife suffered brain damage and her legs and arms needed to be amputated, according to CBC News. The claims alleges medical malpractice and negligence after her doctors misdiagnosed her condition as Tamiflu, when it was endocarditis, an infection of the heart. Endocarditis can be a side effect of a mitral valve replacement, which was a part of the patient’s health history.

The patient was admitted to the hospital after suffering from symptoms such as a fever and feeling weak and she was sent home with medication. Two days after her symptoms continued to worsen, she was readmitted, but her condition had worsened substantially and an amputation was required to prevent the infection from spreading further. The claim alleges that if the doctors had properly diagnosed and treated the issue, she would not have suffered such extreme consequences. She is no longer able to care for herself and is very limited in her capability to speak or move.

In another case, a former prisoner of the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre is suing the province for medical malpractice after he alleges a prison doctor failed to diagnose his chest infection, which later led to complications of pneumonia and bronchitis, according to the Ottawa Citizen. Within his claim, he alleges the complications were preventable and that the doctor was negligent in performing tests, that the correct tests to properly diagnose him weren’t performed and that he didn’t provide proper care or treatment.

Whether you are a Canadian citizen or a criminal, Canadian hospitals are expected to provide a certain standard of care. Doctors and nurses are human and mistakes can be made, but it’s expected that they do everything possible to prevent that from occurring.

Any mistakes made have very real consequences for patients and if you feel that you’ve experienced this issue, contact a medical malpractice lawyer. A medical malpractice lawyer is a great asset to advocate on your behalf, whether it’s working with an insurance company or bringing your case to trial against the Canadian Medical Protection Association, which defends doctors.

If you are an Ottawa resident and you believe you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice or medical negligence, get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer to assess the situation and possible next steps. Neinstein’s medical malpractice lawyers offer free, no obligation consultations and our medical malpractice lawyers have decades of experience in the field.

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