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Whether you live in a big city or small town, patients should be able to expect that they will receive quality healthcare when they arrive at a hospital.

Hospitals are bustling environments, but regardless of the institution’s situation, it’s expected that doctors and nurses are doing everything possible to ensure patients are well cared for. If a situation is beyond a smaller hospital’s expertise, the case should be transferred to a larger institution.

In late December of 2013, an expecting mother felt contractions, according to the Oshawa This Week newspaper. This was her second birth and she was afraid she was experiencing early labour. The mother was admitted to the Lakeridge Health Port Perry New Life Centre where her condition was monitored overnight.

The family physician was contacted and she advised a nurse to order fluids rather than take her to the hospital. The mother was later sent home, but a few hours later she returned after experiencing strong contractions. After the doctor was told there were no cervical changes, the doctor administered the same treatment.

But the pain continued for the new mother and an ultrasound was eventually ordered at the Lakeridge Health Oshawa Hospital in the morning. There was also no available ambulance to take the new mother, so the husband and wife drove themselves. Soon after they arrived at the Oshawa emergency department, the mother gave birth to a baby boy in a full waiting room. Unfortunately, the newborn died soon after his birth.

After the incident, the family filed complaints with the Lakeridge Health Corporation, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the College of Nurses of Ontario. They also began the process of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

While it’s questionable whether the baby would have survived since the mother gave birth after only 23 weeks, medical studies show that the baby had a chance. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a similar situation has occurred at this hospital.

Medical malpractice lawyers serve as the checks and balances within our healthcare system. While third party regulators, such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the College of Nurses of Ontario, act as regulators of healthcare professionals, medical malpractice lawyers represent the victim’s needs in a situation that are beyond their control.

Our medical malpractice lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to advocate on your behalf. Along with that, our medical malpractice lawyers know many good healthcare professionals who can assist you or your loved one during your recovery.

An experienced medical malpractice lawyer can guide victims through the process as they focus on grieving or recovery. Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers’ medical malpractice lawyers are available to Oshawa residents for a free, no-obligation consultation. Get in touch with our medical malpractice lawyers for advice on your next steps.

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