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If you live in Oakville, Neinstein’s medical malpractice lawyers can help if you or your loved one are looking to file a medical malpractice claim.

In Canada, we’re lucky to have access to free healthcare which is funded by taxpayer dollars. Thanks to the Canada Health Act, citizens have access to doctors and nurses who will be there to help us treat our sicknesses and illnesses.

With the Act, our nation’s healthcare policy aims to protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada and to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers. This healthcare helps many Canadians who are suddenly faced with unexpected health problems.

While it’s beneficial to all Canadians to have access to healthcare, it’s not enough to simply be able to receive treatment or have an appointment with a doctor. Patients should be able to expect that doctors and nurses will provide the best care possible in the current environment. Medical malpractice lawyers are an important part of our legal system which advocates on behalf of the victims we represent.

It may surprise you, but Americans file medical malpractice claims 3.5 times more often than Canadians, according to the Wall Street Journal. In 2007, there were 928 legal claims filed against Canadian doctors, but only about 100 of these cases go to trial during a year, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

When should you contact a medical malpractice lawyer?

It’s always in your best interest to get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer right away. When you get in touch with a Neinstein medical malpractice lawyer, we are always happy to offer advice on handling the case for free and you are not under any obligation when you do get in touch. While earlier is always better, we will also consult on medical malpractice cases that have occurred in the past, but anyone considering a medical malpractice claim needs to be aware that as with any court proceeding, there is a statute of limitations on when you can pursue legal action.

How do I know if my case qualifies to file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

There’s no simple answer to this question and anyone who suspects their situation demonstrates medical malpractice or medical negligence should get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer for a free consultation.

If you live in Oakville, contact one of Neinstein’s medical malpractice lawyers to help you assess your situation and your next steps. Our medical malpractice lawyers have years of experience and knowledge in handling a wide range of areas including various birthing injuries, acquired brain injuries, tPA administration, atrial fibrillation, different cases of surgical negligence, cardiac arrest, sepsis, hypoxic brain injuries, different types of cancer, such as breast, colon, lung and prostate, a doctor or nurse’s failure to monitor pre-operatively, perioperatively or post-operatively, medication errors and nursing errors. Don’t delay and contact us today.

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