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If you or a loved one has been involved in a surgery that has led to a serious health issue, get the expertise of a top medical malpractice lawyer from Neinstein.

Hospitals are bustling places with many life saving and routine health procedures being administered hourly. With some healthcare institutions facing issues of understaffing, errors can be made which can have a detrimental effect on a person’s life.

Patients should be able to expect that doctors are performing surgeries in a safe manner, that they are using sanitized surgical tools and, that all staff are appropriately trained to handle unexpected complications. Hospital staff should be concerned about your health before and during a surgery, but also after the surgery is done. It’s important that healthcare workers monitor your condition to ensure there were no unexpected complications that would hinder your recovery.

If you feel that a healthcare worker has mishandled you or your loved one’s healthcare situation, whether it’s during a surgery, during your diagnosis or during your post-op care, get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer from Neinstein, who serve the Mississauga region.

Why do you need a medical malpractice lawyer?

Medical malpractice claims are typically complex legal cases which require an understanding of both law and Ontario’s healthcare system. You’ll benefit from hiring a medical malpractice lawyer that specializes in this area since they’ll have experience handling clients who need explanations about the legal proceedings or the healthcare procedure someone has faced.

Why should you choose Neinstein as your medical malpractice lawyer?

The Neinstein team of medical malpractice lawyers is dedicated towards providing the best professional service possible in your medical malpractice case. Our team of lawyers boasts extensive experience in various areas of medical malpractice including surgical malpractice, obstetrical malpractice, hospital and nursing errors, brain injury and stroke and misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses.

Along with our team’s wealth of knowledge, we work with experienced support staff that will assist you with your recovery and look out for your well-being during this trying time. We strive to give our clients the best care possible, similar to what we’d like for our loved ones, while working towards achieving the most favourable legal outcome to allow you and your loved one to help plan your future.

Our medical malpractice lawyers are a strong team of trial lawyers with a wealth of experience, but it’s also important that we’re compassionate and understanding since we realize many families that come to us are scared and in difficult positions.

Any hospital patient should be able to expect a high quality of service from their doctors and nurses and if they feel this was not received, it’s in their best interest to get in touch with a Neinstein’s medical malpractice lawyer for a free, no-obligation consultation, to hear about the options available to them.

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