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When we’re looking for a doctor, our best bet is to rely on the advice of our friends and family, but as in every industry, there some doctors who aren’t as thorough or may be facing complaints for their professional conduct. This may either have no effect on our health or a profound effect when they miss out on critical signs of an illness or issue or incorrectly diagnose an illness.

The first step to treat a patient is the diagnosis, which will affect the next steps that will be taken. If this is incorrect, any treatment or medication may have serious adverse effects on a patient, which may not have needed to occur in the first place. In other cases, the illness and symptoms can continue to worsen, which may decrease a person’s chances of a full recovery and greatly impact their quality of life.

Whenever a person buys a product or eats at a restaurant, the amount of information they have about a product or service influences their choice.

In the past, Canadians could only access a limited amount of information when a doctor faced discipline by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), but recently the CPSO announced changes to improve its transparency.

Information about any physicians who are “orally cautioned” by the CPSO will now be published to the website. Doctors may face this reprimand when they’re faced with serious complaints, such as not communicating well with patients, not issuing timely referrals and when there’s been a mistake made in prescribed medication, according to the Toronto Star.

Also, if a doctor faced criminal charges, was disciplined in another province or was required to take continuing education, the public will now have access to this information.

Before this announcement, Canadians were privy to a limited amount of information in regards to complaints against doctors. The CPSO only made complaints that were referred to the disciplinary committee public. These cases include when serious medical errors or abuse have occurred, which can lead a doctor to lose their license, but these account for a very small two per cent of the complaints the CPSO investigates, according to the Toronto Star.

For the other 98 per cent of complaints, Canadians had no insight into how the issues were resolved and the punishments doctors received. The good news is that this is now changing and while there still needs to be more information made public, such as details about undertakings where doctors are allowed to voluntarily resign in exchange of the CPSO dropping prosecution, this information is a start to assist Canadians in choosing a doctor.

Medical malpractice lawyers play an important role in our healthcare system by ensuring that patients receive proper care. If you feel that the treatment you or a loved one received from a doctor or nurse was below an appropriate standard, a medical malpractice lawyer can help you assess your situation and advocate on your behalf.

If you are faced with an issue with your healthcare, a good medical malpractice lawyer is important since they will be able to merge their knowledge of healthcare with their expertise as a legal representative. Neinstein’s medical malpractice lawyers serve the GTA and we are dedicated towards providing the best professional service, but they are also concerned about your recovery and well-being.

If you live in the GTA, get in contact with a medical malpractice lawyer if you or a loved one feel the care provided by a doctor or nurse was inadequate. Our medical malpractice lawyers will provide free, no obligation consultations.

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